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Brother Fuckers

There's nothing like a little brotherly love.

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This is the LiveJournal community for guys who have a thing for fucking brothers. Or, better yet, Twins! Have you ever known any brothers, all of them so sexy you wanted to nail each one of them? Wouldn't you like to be the meat in a twin sandwich? Do you get off on porn featuring the "brothers scenario," real-life pornstar brothers like the Rocklands, or twins?

Well, we do. You'll find all that, inside, and more. Basically, anything that qualifies as "fucking brothers." Cum on in and join the fun.

We want you to come play with us, but if you do, you gotta play by The Rules:

  1. This is a community for Adult Oriented content. As such, no one will be granted membership without their birth date, asserting that they are over 18, displayed publicly on their journal's profile page.

  2. Although this community entertains discussion of grown men who challenge traditionally accepted social morés, this is limited to instances when all concerned parties are consenting adults. Exploitation of the helpless should never be condoned.


    Not only will submissions of visual media featuring people who are not clearly identifiable as being above the legal age of consent be deleted, they will also be reported to the appropriate authorities, as the dissemination of child pornography is a federal crime.

  3. Do not apply for membership if you find any of the content suggested here to be offensive.

  4. Membership to this adult community is contingent on the ability to conduct oneself as an adult and to treat all fellow members with respect. Flamers will be banned. Even for a first offense, given the severity, as we reserve the right to ban any member, at any time, for any reason we so chose.

  5. In case you can't already tell, this is a Gay Porn community. Most of our submissions will contain images of more than one man, in various stages of undress, engaged in all kinds of sexual activities. "Not Work Safe" warnings are not necessary, because hopefully everything you'll find here will be wildly "not work safe." Although we do require LJ-CUTS to keep the initial appearance of posts brief,


    To avoid any problems this may cause in the workplace, we suggest that A.) members refrain from playing on LJ when they're supposed to be working, or B.) members apply a FRIENDS PAGE FILTER to keep adult content from appearing when they read their friends page at work. This policy is concrete (not up for negotiation) and bitching about it is a good way to get banned.

Now that all the heavy stuff is covered, keep in mind that - much like all those things you can possibly imagine that guys do when they get together that have "happy endings" - we're all about having fun here! Those heavy-handed rules just cover our asses while we have that fun. So, cum in, get hard, grab your lover and his brother and join the rest of us bad-ass brotherfuckers!

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